7 thoughts on “Ill make you into an Otaku, so make me into a Riaj?! Ch02”

  1. I made an Epic fail on page 31. Honjou is a girl. It wasn’t explicitly clear in that panel, and I didn’t pay attention to an earlier fact that Momo attended all-girls schools previously.

  2. Thanks for the latest release.
    I like how things are developing. Honestly, I didn’t expect Suzuki-kun to be an Otaku..
    Awesome work!

  3. This is awesome, i feel like i can relate to suzuki alot actually, such an otaku, but its hard for me to make otaku friends haha… thanks for the releases.

  4. Thanks for the new chapter!

    I’m really enjoying the series so far, and I think it has a lot of potential.

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