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  1. “A recurring theme between baby steps and kuroko no basket. The strongest donít always win!”

    Spoil for next chap?

  2. woot love this manga, i hope it catcehs up when summer ends XD cause we all know these scanlators gunna be busy again :P alot busier xD

  3. Many thanks! I think the commenter below is right? Usually you say “John broke” = John wins the game by breaking the other guy’s serve, not “John broke” = John lost on John’s own serve?

    But also please no spoilers in your comments?

    “A recurring theme between baby steps and kuroko no basket. The strongest donít always win!”

    This might spoil part of the chapter…

    Thanks again for all your hard work.

    1. I know what you’re getting at. It’s possibly hard to interpret cause break has so many possible meanings. I’d have to say that break in this case is referring more to the fact that his concentration broke and he hit the ball out than that he broke the rally. That’s how I see it anyway. It could really be seen either way =\

  4. i realized that i replied in the wrong section…. so i will repost it here lool.
    ahhhh another release!!! thnx guys!!! keep up the good work!

  5. Is the third page written correctly? It says Miyagawa broke first in the first bubble, but didn’t Marou break first or is it meant as in he failed to break first?

    1. If you look back at the end of 108, Miyagawa hit the return that Maruo was about to rally back, but it was out. Thus, Miyagawa broke first.

    2. Yes, but I am asking if it was meant to be written in such a conflicting way. In the flow of the overall tennis match, Marou just broke to a score of 3-1, but Miyagawa broke in the sense that his rally failed first by going out. I was simply asking for a clarification if it was meant to be written in a confusing manner or if there was a mistake somewhere.

    3. I’ll have to let Ruggia give you his opinion. Personally, I don’t see anything conflicting or confusing about it. Whether he worded it “messed up” or “broke,” if looking at it in a rally sense then it makes better sense to say he broke the rally rather than he messed it up.

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