Baby Steps Ch 108

New chapter of BS! For some reason, I feel there is additional detail to the characters HAIR this time. Not just the rooster head E-chan, but everyone’s hair seems to be a bit more detailed this chapter. Comment about the hair!

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  1. Thank you for the release!
    About the hair… was trying to recreate Ei-chan’s hair in top spin 4, closest to it was a mohawk, lol.

  2. Better art, more detail (HAIR).. mangaka getting into the game maybe?

    Also finally the rumoured one handed backhand makes a real appearance and Eichan reaches it and returns for a point. No way he would have reached a full strength two hander down the line.

    1. Now I am going to have to reread those chapters to check that out.

      Oh well, I remember that there were some pretty good chapters in that arc.

  3. Its one of those moment in every manga where hair must look better , so the manga artist ups his game on hair detail ^^

  4. Sorry, I’ve actually never paid close attention to the hair in previous chapters. I can only say their hair looked ‘nice’.
    Thanks for the chapter. It’s quality is pf the highest level (hair included). I can already see Ei-chan’s opponent losing his cool and digging his own grave.

  5. I don’t know about those hairs, I see the difference with Ei-chan, but I’m not sure of the others… But Miyagawa’s head sure looks odd on the last page…

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter! Can’t wait for Friday;)

  6. ERMAGAAAAAWSH, that last page…

    I dunno if it was cause you mentioned it, but their hair did seem a little more… Hairy. Anyway, thanks so much! ^_^

  7. Well on the first page I looked at the hair, but then I was so enthralled with the chapter that I completely forgot to look out for that. XD

    I’ll just have to read it again. :3

  8. great chap guys :) & i sort of see what ya mean about the hair it dose seem more detaild or somethink lol but i want to know what e-chan uses for he’s hair cuz thats some great hair style hahaha keep up the great work guys cant wait to see whats gonna happen & e-chans of fire now hahaha :)

  9. Your comment drew attention drew more to the hair than the story and thank you very much for the release

  10. There’s a lot of close-up scenes, so that’s probably why the hair looks very detailed. Keep up the fantastic work!

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