Diamond no Ace – Ch80

Hello everyone, this was meant to be released much earlier, but some day caused us to push it back a lot more than intended. Anyway, today we welcome a new member who will now proof DnA, Kyoko-Chan! Give her a warm welcome!

Enjoy this new chapter!

14 thoughts on “Diamond no Ace – Ch80”

  1. I haet you PRO!! I ended up reading up to chapter 123 before I decided to stop…well more like before I could stop D:

    Damn uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :p

  2. I have literally been checking everyday on this site for this series, wish you guys could give this series a higher priority, but I know you guys have a lot of other series to think about too.. thanks for the release!

  3. Thanks for the chapter! (I know its the wrong place for this but…) Any chance you guys pick GE back up after RedHawk dropped it?

  4. Just love Sawamura’s smile… Thanks for the release and a special thank you to Kyoko-chan for joining the project.

  5. welcome kyoko-chan! :D thanks for the release, now we have to wait again in peace (^^,)

  6. damn sawamura’s turn to pitch!! damn the internsity to know what will happen when all of other teams know what kind of pitcher he is haha. thanks for the release guys, hopefully it will be released much faster XD anyway thanks for the release again guys.

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