Baby Steps Ch 107

So we started off calling him E-chan, but eventually transitioned over to Ei-chan. I prefer E-chan myself, but if it were to be a single letter transition, A-chan would be more accurate. All A’s A-chan. O_o Imagine how much the manga would change if we named him such! Fear not though, we are sticking with Ei-chan. As a side note, I DO NOT remember who the guy in the trench coat commenting on Ei-chan’s performance. Anyone want to refresh my memory? It’s probably time to reread BS from Ch 1…

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  1. thanks for the chapter. just wondering Baby Steps is in its volume 21 in Japan while we just reached the middle of Volume 12. Is there a chance for a major catch-up?

  2. thanks for chapter ^^, i actually didnt notice the ei lol in newer chapters, cause when i read it i pronounce it e-chan in my head :P I think i forgot his full name omg thats not good, atlease i still remmeber natsu’s name xD

  3. Damn it! It always ends at the most exciting part. I think at this point we can see that Ei-chan has completely surpassed his current opponent, which is a good sign for him and his success in the tournament.

    Thanks for the release.

  4. Jeez man, how can you not remember Oobayashi-kun? But I will ignore it this one time because of your awesome work:P

  5. Just came home from work and was so happy about the new chapter! Thanks for the hard work. And two guys allready beat me in the contest of saying that it was his first opponent last year. But i wouldn’t have explained who it was in such detail like Fred anyway.

  6. WTF!!!

    how can you end the manga like that!!!
    just when the crucial moment arrived it ended -.-
    i should sue somebody for this!!!!!!

  7. well all i can say is what a chap :) really want to see whats going to happen next hahahaha as always thanks for the hard work guys, keep it up lol :)

  8. Thanks for all your releases. To be able to finally fully understand the story is a plus (I can’t totally understant raw scans).

    And the guy is Oobayashi-kun. The first opponent of E-chan in his first tournament, he beat E-chan by 6-1. You can find him from chapter 8.

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