Takamagahara – Ch01 and only lol

Hello everyone, this is a let down for me, because I thought we could get this one, but some other team released it just a bit before us, so we can say it was aborted just before it even saw the daylight. Nevertheless I didn’t want to waste the work the people has put into it, so I decided to released it anyway and it should be our first and only chapter of it.

Hope you enjoy it nevertheless!

11 thoughts on “Takamagahara – Ch01 and only lol”

  1. hmmm you guys are great at what you do.. if the other scanlation isnt as good as you.. could you consider a joint project? :P

  2. At least you are honorable and aborted when got beaten to it, even if it’s just a little. Not like another group with ‘you-know-who’ on ‘you-know-what’. ;)

  3. Thanks for the hard work but it’s a good thing you dropped it since that was one of the worst first chapters of a WSJ manga I have ever read and will no doubt be cancelled in the short future.

  4. Thanks.
    Aww, and I was hoping you’d stick with it since you offer DDLs, while they’re online reading only (which I just don’t do). Maybe some kind soul will rip and archive it though.

    1. While we’re on the topic of first chapters only, what ever happened to Hana Michi Otome?

    2. I like your release better. The pages are more cleaner compared to the other scanlations who did this series, so please continue it

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