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  5. Thank you so much for another chapter of Baby Steps!
    Between reading Baby Steps and watching Roger Federer winning Wimbledon again, I really feel like learning tennis when I have never swung a tennis racquet before, haha…
    Both are inspirations to me!

  6. Yes! More babysteps means this is an awesome day!
    I know the corrent match is being difficult for Maruo, but if he plans to win th all-Japan-Junior, he better win this match without further problems.. Can you imagine how much has Nabae (1st seed in Japan) has imrpved?
    Do your best, Ei-kun!
    And thanks for the latest chapter!

  7. u know what would be surprising? if e chan lost lol… that would be sucha troll and 100 percent unexpected haha, and then he had to go into a time skip, oh god that better not happen >.>

  8. thanks for the release :D stabbing all the staff , we will avenge them as fans!haha anyhow keep up the good work its getting more and more interesting.

  9. haha you guys are awesome i absolutely love baby steps! thnx for the hard work and releases since no other groups scans it

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  11. well as always guys thanks for the new chap, always like to see whats gonna happen with e-chan, so thanks :) cant wait to see what gonna happen in the future to :)

  12. When I think baby steps I think Imangascans and vice versa
    I believe this is your premiere work
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  13. welcome back from your honeymoon.

    words on the road says there were lot of stabbing on both parties


  14. Translation note: I would suggest to use “swinging volley” instead of “drive volley” as that is the correct English term.

    Back to the story, I’m a bit disappointed with the recent developments. I know this is a manga and all but up till now I felt that at least there was a sense of realism about the mechanics of the tennis that the author adhered to….however, the one-handed backhand winners and the swinging volley off of balls at his feet and hard passing shots is somewhat too much out there for me. Hopefully this isn’t going to be a trend for the future volumes.

    Anyway, thanks as always for the chapter, please keep it up.

    1. Thanks for the input. I’ll change it if I see it again. Why are those shots in particular too much for you?

    2. not sure I agree that swinging volley is “correct” term?! I think both of them is used in different countries, region etc…

    3. A regular volley is hit with a short backswing and a punching stroke. While standing at the net, a player usually has no time to take a long backswing. When the ball comes at less pace, though, the volleyer can take a longer backswing to impart more force on the ball, which is called a swing volley.

      Another type of volley is the drive volley. This is hit with more backswing and followthrough than a normal volley. Effectively this is a volley groundstroke and a very aggressive shot, giving your opponent less time, which can be used as a way to approach the net (approach shot).

      Both exists and are different. I would go with Drive Volley, based on him getting time to get to the net, wouldn’t you? :o

    4. I’ve played (just for fun though), followed and watched tennis all my life (I’m in my 20s) and this is the first time I’ve heard the term “drive volley.” “Swinging volley” is the more widespread term and they both mean the same thing as far as I understand.

      As for why backhand one-handed winners are too much out there for me, just to put it in perspective, Nadal is right handed in his daily life but plays left-handed because his uncle made him switch when he was a kid (turned out to be one of the best calls ever made), yet EVEN Rafa never goes to a one-handed backhand when he is stretched. This is probably the player who, along with Novak, has the best offensive running backhand from a defensive position. If the author did a bit more research then he/she would know that the way these players extend their reach in the modern game is by sliding into the shot on all surfaces (used to be a trademark of the clay courts). Few players on a RARE occasion do use the one handed backhand, but only as a desperation shot with almost 0% success rate. Had Miyagawa learned to slide into shots on hard courts, I’d be perfectly ok with it.

      In terms of swinging volleys, they are only used when you have time to take a short swing, if the opponent rips a passing shot or get the ball low at your feet below the net, there is no way it is possible to play a swinging volley and if you have pace to work with, a regular punch volley is actually more effective.

    5. PS. Forgot to mention, switching grips when returning a fast serve is counter-productive. One might take a hand off for reach but they would never have the time to move the left hand down to the base of the racket to hit a “forehand-like” shot.

    6. Well, as someone who doesn’t know shit about tennis I think it’s always been a lot of fun and realistic. As long as we don’t get in crazy shit, ala Prince of Tennis, I’ll never stop reading this! :D

    7. Ok for a start he’s never tried one handed backhand but one handed forehand!!! He’s right handed and his normal shots seem to be two handed forehand. (so looks like a backhand) So given the assumption he plays two handed forehand which is unusual i guess it (changing to one handed forehand for a shot you have to stretch for) is not weird at all. (and a guy called Fabrice Santoro used to play two handed backhand and forehand) Also even if it’s backhand if you absolutely can’t reach it, ANYONE would go for one handed option as that is the only option of actually reaching the ball although it’s more likely that it won’t be an attacking shot but a slice shot or a attempted lob. OR if you want the real life example of people going for attacking shot with one handed backhand when stretch would be Tsonga.

      Well I’ve heard the term drive volley all over the place and in fact I’ve never heard the term swinging volley. Admittedly I haven’t been playing/ watching as long as you have but seen numerous occasion where Federer etc goes for that sort of volley and commentators going “what a drive volley etc” so that term definitely exists!

    8. re: one handed backhands — Miyagawa does not use them. Both one handed shots that he takes are forehands. He formally used a two hand grip on both backhand and forehand but he has learned to let go with his left hand (he is right handed) when he needs to extend his reach. A weaker shot, but better than letting it just score.

      oops, just realized Jack already pointed this out.

  15. So you want more comments huh? Sure, then now that I have your attention let me say this… I love what you guys have been doing with BS is one of my top mangas and the reason I can have it and enjoy it is all thanks to you, thanks you guys I really appreciate your work.

  16. So you didn’t get married to Bill? He probably wasn’t meant for you anyway… Thanks for the chapter! I’m really curious as to how Miyagawa will strike at Ei-chan’s serve.

    1. Bill never existed. I could not find the culprit that edited my post. So I just punished all of the staff equally, thoroughly, and brutally.

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    Thanks for a new chapter~

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