Baby Steps Ch 105

Hey guys, I’ll be gone traveling to Atlanta while this is being released. This was a pretty interesting chapter! For the phrasing, I liked the original translation of ENGINE AT MAX POWER in ch 104, but I was thinking about having it as ENGINE FULLY REVVED! In the end I just left it as is. When you’re going through this chapter, keep aware that there is a text “FINISH IT!” hidden away somewhere! Props to you if you’re able to find it.

Ps: Congrats to ilikefood on his marriage to his long time partner Bill

So… I’m done taking a rigorous exam after a long trip, and I come back to see this odd bit about a “Bill”. Fear not ladies, for it is all in jest by the staff who are completely devastated by my short departure amongst their midst. Needless to say, upon my return tomorrow, much pain will be inflicted onto those responsible.

28 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch 105”

  1. Congrats to bill and ilikefood! May your marriage be long and happy!

    Thanks for the chapter and all your hard work.

  2. Ahh, it soothes my mind whenever I find a new Baby Steps chapter from you guys. As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And congratulations to ilikefood and Bill ^^

  3. May you be happy together for many-many years!

    “Props to you if you’re able to find it” – You just want us to have some success. It was way too easy…

    Oh, yeah and as always: Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Congrats and best wishes to ilikefood and Bill. :D
    Thanks as always for the chapter.

  5. What the heck… I didn’t hear anything about this wedding… Sneaky ilikefood, trying to hide it from me. Gratz on the wedding!

  6. ilikefood, please don’t stab Bill at least. or is it Bill who stabs you? ;)

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