Kimiiro Focus Ch36

As promised we got this chapter out pretty fast. Please keep in mind that we will re-release the series with tankobon version for better quality. It will take a while since we already brought 2 volumes (v7 and v8) but I will take some time to clean those since I’m busy cleaning Kuroko no Basket’s tanks, we want to finish this since there are only 2 volumes left. Otherwise whoever might be willing to help me is welcome because I need someone to redraw for me, which will help us speed up and re-release Kimiiro Focus Volume 7 and 8. Thank you and Enjoy this chapter.

Kuroko no Basket – Ch136

Well it is now official, we are both doing the tank and the mags version of Kuroko no Basket with Akashi! Well anyway, we are starting volume 16! It’s also close to the end of this match! On another note, today is the NHL free agency and so far I’m pretty disappointed, nothing major happened so far. You’ll tell me there aren’t many interesting players, but meh, at least give me something!

Enjoy this new chapter!