8 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket Ch171”

  1. I haven’t been diligently following releases because of school so I’m a bit confused.

    lI hope this isn’t a foolish question, but what happened to chapters 136-168? o_O

    1. iMangascans started to do two releases. One partnered with Akashi scans for the most recent chapter release. Then the other regular releases where they left off, but from the Tankoban release for better quality.

      The huge gap in chapter releases is because while they were busy, a few different groups started to pick up doing KnB

    2. Ahh thanks, Dood. I took a look at the chapters other groups released and they were no bueno. the translation was… barely readable in my opinion. Nothing beats the quality of imanga! :)

  2. You are to be awed through the centuries to come, in some centuries you might actually attain some god level too <3 Thanks!

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