Baby Steps Ch102

Hello! We are releasing this chapter earlier, due to the urgent need of a proofreader for Baby Steps. First, we are looking for someone who can commit for the entire length of this series. Second, must be able to potentially do 3-5 chapters a week in the future. Third, we prefer someone to have a decent grasp of the English language. Someone who takes into account the flow, grammar, and punctuation (and not just someone who vaguely thinks so). Lastly, tennis knowledge is optional but not necessary. If you think you qualify in at least 3 categories, please apply at and post a comment about yourself. Qualifications, intentions, and availability. Thank you, looking to hear from you :) Enjoy this chapter

We have found a proofreader. Thanks to all who applied.

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  1. must be able to potentially do 3-5 chapters a week in the future.

    When when when ^^

  2. woot thanks for the chapter, I have great english haha, problem is I dont know japanese xD, but when translated into english I could easily figure out if theres a grammar problem and also I used to play tennis so tennis lingo is also easy :P

  3. Apply page says you’re not looking for proofreaders. Did the position already get filled? Regardless, excellent work guys.

  4. well id like to aply but its out of my skill range hahaha but good looks finding some1 :) & as always thanks for the new chap & ur hard work :)

  5. I guess I could be watching Wimbledon on BBC 1 and 2 right now but this is just as interesting.

  6. Thanks for the chapter !

    Hoping that you found a good proofreader with some tennis knowledge (whoever he is, he has my deep gratitude ^^)

  7. I take it the notice on the recruitment page is updated? If so, incredibly quick turnaround on the proofreaders! Thanks for the release as always.

  8. “We’re no longer looking for proofreaders. Translators are welcome to apply”

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