Diamond no Ace Ch79

When some of these men die, they’ll need another casket to hold their balls.
On a more serious note, this chapter gave rise to some interesting developments. Now I wonder if Furuya can actually pull this off…

10 thoughts on “Diamond no Ace Ch79”

  1. Thank you so much for the release! I’m excited to see what comes next- really hope that Sawamura gets to pitch and do an amazing job, though I have a feeling with the way the storyline is heading, he won’t shine quite yet.

    Also getting a bad feeling for the team overall, since there are over 31 volumes release in Japan, and the Koshien Tournament is the highest pinnacle a HS baseball team can reach, right? Regardless Thank You again for all your hard work, and I can’t wait to see what comes next! =D

  2. this is getting good, i wanna see sawamura finally pitch, thanks for the releases!

    1. I can guess three things, he doesn’t pitch, he bombs, or he just dominates and surprises. I just wish it’s the last, but I definitely like the development, almost of a real pitcher (that has zero control).

  3. Thanks you guys so much! I’m loving these chapters .
    I wish Sawamura would get more screen time, I love Furuya and all but Sawamura has more charisma.

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