23 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch101”

  1. Thanks for the Chapter and the manga scans as a whole – hot damn, i am so hooked on that stuff right now. I thinks i checked the site yesterday 20 times for an update of baby steps. Uagh, i so can’t wait for the next chapter. I haven’t been hooked on a manga this much since, hmm, i don’t even know anymore. Baby Steps is so awesome and you guys scanlating it too! You made my day (actually the last 10 days since i discovered it)

  2. It is during chapters like these that characters get their 3rd dimension so if done right, they make the whole story many times more enjoyable. The skill of the author really shines through here.

    Thanks as always for the chapter!

  3. you may have nothing to say but I do, thank you :) thanks for yet another great chap of baby steps :) this is truly 1 of my favs & i always look forward to reading it :) please keep up the great work guys :)

  4. 6 hours of sleep a night is too low for your average person, especially one who is growing and especially an athlete in a sport where height is an advantage…

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