15 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket – Ch134”

  1. thanks alot guys. though i wish you’d be abit further in the manga. keep up the awesome work

  2. No offense but these scans are mad late. Most others are at 169..you are at 134..sigh..

    1. A few days back they announced their two types of releases for KnB. One with Akashi scans where its the most current chapter, and the other as before the Tankobon higher quality releases. :D

  3. You need more/better QC
    there’s still some inconsistencies on this chapter like chapters before
    1. Page 3 Itsuki -> Izuki
    2. page 5 Maybe it better if it’s true strength?
    3. Page 14 “Even still the no.1 is” It differ than the chapter title. And maybe it better if its the strongest. the words is ??, right?

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