Baby Steps Ch100

This mark our 100th chapters of Baby Steps (well kinda, since the first 3 weren’t done by us). There is a bonus included, we added 2 color pages in this chapter, we hope you’ll enjoy this chapter. Look forward to us reaching another 100 chapters :p

PS: The DDL link working again

24 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch100”

  1. Congratulations on your century release of Baby Steps!
    And thank you so much again for this wonderful gem of a manga!
    The determination, perseverance and belief of E-chan has inspired me in so many ways…. I am cheering him on his journey!

  2. when i didnt think it could get more interesting the mangaka adds another girl.

    thanks! good chapter

  3. Woot thanks, more natsu echan time ^^, always enjoy the moments they get together, cant wait to see them dating :P, anyhow keep up the good work :), hop we can catch up to the original someday by next year XD

  4. This is great! Getting to chapter 100 is an awesome accomplishment.
    Thanks for all your hard work! Now to read the chapter.

  5. Awesome 100th release, thanks a bunch!!
    Is that a new tsundere…? I know some cute blondie who’s gonna get jealous…

  6. Thanks for the release! I can’t believe you guys have hit 100 now, it’s awesome~

  7. P.15 – Of course he’d be staring at her ass. : D New girl is very cute too. Congrats on the 100th mark! Thanks for the weekly delight.

  8. thanks for yet another great chap of baby steps, i also look forward to ur next 100th release of baby steps lol thanks again guys :)

  9. Nacchan better hurry or he’ll get snatched away from her and to her rival no less ;)

    Thanks for the chapter!

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