Kuroko no Basket Ch169

Hello everyone, so as you can see, this is not the next chapter in line. Before you start asking a bunch of questions, let me explain. We will be doing 2 types of releases of Kuroko no Basket. First, we will keep releasing the tank as we were doing before. Second, we will release the mags of the most recent chapters as they come out in a joint with Akashi and when we reach the tank version we will replace each chapters for the high quality one.

PS. dont forget thank to Akashi Scans

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  1. Just started reading KnB, I saw the LQ ch 134 and came right over here. Great to hear you’re back on the series! Quality makes such a difference to the reading experience.

  2. I can’t wait until you guys get to chapters 145+. There’s a version released for chapter 145, but it looks like they rushed to release or just didn’t have time to proof the script or it was done by a single person and no one bothered to release a revised version. Whatever the case, there are entire pages which are virtually unreadable even for someone used to severely fractured English.

    Thanks so much (and to the folks @ Akashi) for working on this manga.

  3. Noo, us from Akashi scans will be doing a joint on both, magazine scans and tankobon scans with IMS. So we’ll basically be sharing the series to bring it to you in higher quality. The magazine scans are being done by us because other groups are ruining the translations and cleans which makes some people not wanna read it, so we’re doing it at MQ/HQ and then we’ll follow those up with HQ tankobon releases. Get it?

    1. Yeah, was going to explain your part with the tanks when we reach volume 16 :P

    2. oooo wow thank you guys so much for making this possible. I have read the other scanlations from chapters 133 onwards but honestly they weren’t of very nice quality. will definitely reread the chapters when you guys release them.

  4. Thank you for the new chapter!
    I’m happy, but kinda lost. Sorry… orz
    The chapters between 132 and 169 will be released?
    (Or they already exist?) D8

    1. in short,

      – there are LQ releases by other groups that bridge the gap
      – lot of people were having hard time reading the ongoing LQ releases for latest chapters, so we decided to pick it up thanks to Akashi Scans.
      – we will continue on with the tank raws so we can replace all those LQ scans

  5. Oh, thank Goddess! I’ve been reading other scanlations since you didn’t seem to be on date… and it has been a torture! Sometimes I even thought about ripping my eyes out!

    I’ve been missing you lot sooooooooooooo much! Keep working! And thanks!

    1. IKR. I just look it to spoil my self, but it didn’t last long, I still and always like Imangascans. :3
      Thank you Imangascans for bringing KnB to us. :3

  6. Thanks a bunch for Kuroko!! Though it is kind of fast-forward (or rather ‘slip to the future’) it is sure suit me well since I am dying to know the outcome of the match. :3

  7. nice…. i guess i’ll read the latest (magazine) ones and download the tankoubon ones.

  8. iMangascans + Akashi Scans = Magazine Version

    iMangascans = Tank Version

    Is that right, what I understand ?

    1. Yes you are right, Akashi and us will do the magazine version as they come out while we will keep doing the tank version by ourselves.

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