Kuroko no Basket – Ch133

Hey everyone, it’s me after a while. Still haven’t tried Tales of Graces, cause I finished Eternal Sonata with a friend and had to do some errands here and there! But I should tackle it tomorrow! Anyway here’s a (new) chapter of Kuroko no Basket!

Enjoy this new chapter!

10 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket – Ch133”

  1. you’re best :D

    but, it’s better if you can update faster ;-)

    latest chapter is 169…

  2. KYAAAAA! Its worth the wait, the awesomeness of the HQ~ :3
    Thanks for the work. :’3

  3. woot thanks for the chapter XD
    Eternal Sonata was fun game but Tales of Graces f is ever better XD

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