23 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch99”

  1. nps technically it was monday for me too XD since my work gave us a short week haha so long weekend for me :P anyhow thanks for the chapter

  2. a new chap cool. thanks as always for the hard work & time uve given up to do this, just for us lol, thanks :)

  3. A Baby Steps chapter just before going to Paris? Sounds fine to me!:) Thank you very much!

  4. Ohhhhhhh yeaaaaa, just did my laundry, and rewarded with new chap of Baby Steps! Many thanks for your hard work!

  5. thanks for the new chapter, it was still Monday when i began to read it so I’m happy as always :D

  6. I love you guys! txh for releasing this amazing manga, actually i want to translate to spanish…. so i was just asking maybe i could use ur translatios to make mines, but i will first need permision from u guys anyway…. thx for releasing this awesome manga =D

    1. any international groups are welcome use our scanlation as long you will credit to us

    2. ty very much! =D first i need to find the raws now that i have the ok from u guys! =D

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