Baby Steps Ch97

Hello, here another chapter of Baby Steps. Stark decide work on typesetting while busaway decides take little a break from baby steps fever :p. Anyway Enjoy!

PS: new chapter will come out this Friday

28 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch97”

  1. sweet thanks for the sudden releases haha, im gunna have to check here more often again :P

  2. Awesome stuff, this is getting more and more interesting… Thanks for the release guys, looking forward to friday’s chapter :)

  3. wow more baby steps thanks guys, ur the best :) looking forward to seeing whats going to happen next :) thanks again for the hard work :)

  4. Finally the most important shot in tennis is getting attention here.

    Thanks as always!

  5. This has become my favourite shonen sport manga so far (and that’s not an small feat), please keep doing as well as always in your translations.

  6. So short… ;-;
    But thank you guys so much!!!
    And it wasn’t even shorter than the other ones, it just seemed like it cause I was so excited reading it. xD I can’t wait til this is all translated and I can go back and reread the whole thing, it’s gonna be super epic~

    1. Ditto!
      After I finished I went back and checked that we weren’t secretly missing some pages. xD; It’s so good~

  7. Just caught it before turning off the computer. Lucky! :) Thank you for the release as always!

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