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  1. Welcome and thanks for helping!, also… i think its about time to see more natsu, miss her <3

  2. <3 you guys! Thanks for this amazing chapter and welcome to the newest amazing member of the group. :D

  3. Thank you for the release and welcome SilentCountdown! After seeing your name I couldn’t help, but to listen to “The Final Countdown” :)

    1. wow my job is done :D it was the ulterior purpose of the nickname :D and thanks i feel like i’m at home :D

  4. I bet Takuma is getting anxious about how quickly Ei-chan is improving in his serve.
    Oh, and the typesetting was done pretty well. Awesome job silentcountdown. Thanks for your efforts and welcome!

  5. Oh my! A different cleaner aside from Stark! 2 chapters in a week! A new member! Things are looking up! Hooray & thanks for team Baby Steps.

    Takuma’s face on page 18 cracked me up. It practically screams “You punk!” :D

  6. another chap of BS’s you guys spoil us lol :) thanks guys & a big hello & welcome to SilentCountdown, i want to thank you for helping imangascans & look forward to your work :)

  7. Thank you very much for the release and thank SilentCountdown helping new releases

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