Baby Steps Ch95

Hello! First, I would like to ask of you guys to stop asking when Baby Steps, Kuroko, El Palacio and etc are coming out, we are trying to work on those, its not like we dropped them. If a series is dropped, we will announce it. We are lacking staff to work on certain series, that’s the main reason why some series are slow.

The projects list page was updated today, so you can see which series are ongoing, on hold or dropped.

Anyway, enjoy this new chapter of Baby Steps

25 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch95”

  1. That damn urge to refresh their series page or babysteps page morning, noon, and night.

  2. Thanks for the release of Baby Steps and the update on the projects list page. I am really sorry I have no cleaning or translating skills to help.

  3. I’m so so sorry that we’ve annoyed you asking about releases, we just appreciate what you do so much that, in my case at least, when something seems to have happened to that it makes me anxious. And thank you thank you thank you for getting this chapter out! Sooo much! I love you guys! <3

  4. thanks for the new release of babay steps guys really do love this mana & u who bring it to us :) & can i just say as a typesetter for another group, i know how getting people asking for a release of a chap of there fav manga can be very annoying, it takes time & some people just dont understand that or dont want to ethen try, it can in some cases(ive seen it happen) cause the group to stop working on said manga(but that dont mean that gruops dont appreciate the fans liking there work, i mean thats why they do it,for the fans of manga) so lets all just be greatfull that we get anythink at all & as a fan of BS’s thank you :) p.s. sorry for going on abit i dont mean to upset any1 i just thought i would voice my own opinion & thats all this really is my own opinion :)

  5. Yey ty for the chapter. IKR i get annoyed when people ask when the chapter is going to be released, despite me not being on any scanlation teams. They just cant understand that a majority of people have school or life issues that may occur.

    On another note, can we expect daily baby steps in the summer, like for kuroko last year :D? our treat for the ones who wait patiently :D?

    1. I’m pretty sure Kajii was joking. We don’t go out of our way to intentionally delay releases… Most delays are either caused by lack of manpower or lack of motivation.

  6. Baby Steps, Kuroko, El-Pal……
    am I the only one who sees a common factor in these three?

    *go hides*

  7. Please don’t listen to ‘tards like 1018 Anon. Release when you can. Most of us really are just grateful for that!

    That said, thank you for the chapter.

    1. noooooooo, kaiji please dont delay, x.x this kid wont demand anything anymore! *pst, anonymous, gtfo!*
      (btw sort out the grammar :O)

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