Mahou no Iroha Ch17

Finally! We were able to finish scanlation yet another series. I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who worked on this project. Although the ending was quite sudden, we have included details on the last page as to why the series has ended. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the series. We will have batch volumes uploaded in the next few hours or days for those who haven’t read it yet!

9 thoughts on “Mahou no Iroha Ch17”

  1. thanks for your hard work, it was a good ending too bad that manga was not as long as I wish it to be but still was a pretty good read it worths a re-read someday

  2. Thanks for all the hard work! This series gave me many laughs.

    Just recently I was just going through my manga to read stuff I haven’t read yet, and I re-read the latest chapter of nyan koi. It got me to wondering, is there another chapter of that out yet?

    1. No, I don’t think so. The link on Flex Comix seems to be down as well, so this could be it :(

  3. Thanks for taking up this project and completing it! Inoue Kazurou is one of my favorite mangakas so it’s great to see another one of his series finished up.

  4. It has been a great journey for the past 2.5 years, so, thank you for the release and the hard work dedicated to this project.

  5. Finally! ???*:???\(T^T)/???:*??

    Thank you sooo much for the final release!!!
    Many many million thanks for completing this project! ??-??-??

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