Uchuu Kyoudai Ch20

Several new characters are introduced this chapter. A couple look to me like sure-ins to become astronauts, so this chapter was pretty nice in that regard.
Mu-kun was still up to his usual silliness.

Oh, almost forgot. Give a warm welcome to banananana. She’ll be helping out with proofreading for Uchuu Kyoudai.

Baby Steps Ch102

Hello! We are releasing this chapter earlier, due to the urgent need of a proofreader for Baby Steps. First, we are looking for someone who can commit for the entire length of this series. Second, must be able to potentially do 3-5 chapters a week in the future. Third, we prefer someone to have a decent grasp of the English language. Someone who takes into account the flow, grammar, and punctuation (and not just someone who vaguely thinks so). Lastly, tennis knowledge is optional but not necessary. If you think you qualify in at least 3 categories, please apply at https://imangascans.org/apply/ and post a comment about yourself. Qualifications, intentions, and availability. Thank you, looking to hear from you :) Enjoy this chapter

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