Kuroko no Basket – Ch132

No, I am not dead. School didn’t manage to kill me and it shall never manage to! I am back on my feet to give you a “new” chapter of Kuroko no Basket. We have a new translator for it, so we shall be able to give you this faster.

Enjoy this new chapter!

22 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket – Ch132”

  1. Thank you so much for the awesome scanlations of Kuroko no Basket. I look forward to reading more of your scanlations. :)

  2. Thanks for the release! You should make some sort of like button on your scans. Haha, can’t wait for what’s coming next!

  3. yay thanks , hope you catch up with your competing scanlators, i think there 12 chapters ahead of you now Xd also still hoping for babysteps to move forward, any news on thats :s

  4. thanks for the chapter. and i think, for KnB, yours is the best quality :D

    i hope you can scanlate KnB faster and catch up with original. when i search for raw of KnB, it’s already chapter 164. quite big gap…

    thanks ;-)

  5. i’ve been waiting for this~

    Thanks for the release, iMangaScans!! Loving where this manga is headed^^

  6. A big welcome to the new translater. And a huge thanks to the whole team for bringing us the release.

  7. Where is Baby Steps?

    Unappreciative manga fans are the worst kind of people, but frankly, I am one of them. I can’t help it. You were translating the best sports manga I’ve ever read, and releasing chapters every couple days, and then you stopped. What the hell?

    Tell me to stop looking forward to chapters. Tell me you aren’t going to bother translating anymore of that crappy series. Tell me something!
    Just don’t get my hopes up that someone would have the awesomeness to translate the best series in manga at an awesome rate, and then stop.

    You’re breaking my heart, imangascans; you’re breaking my heart.

    1. they are translating it.. just not as fast anymore. the reason? probably that they got life’s of their own?

  8. Thank you and now give us faster the chapters of “Baby Stepps” and “Diamond no Ace” ^^

  9. I love you all, Imangascans staff <3 I love the quality you give. <3
    My Tetsuya dosage~ <3

  10. Damn, fastest chapter ever =01(as in ‘read fast’). But things are heating up! Thanks a lot for the chapter =03.

  11. Thank you very much!!
    Don’t die please! We need you!! *-*
    Thanks new translator!! ^3^

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