Baby Steps Ch94

Hello everyone. So, we are bringing you Baby Steps today, it’s been a while indeed. We’d like just one thing, to stop asking us when we will release it. Everyone around has been busy with school/job/choose anything else that might stop you from doing something. School has ended for a couple of us, some others have a little bit more to go. So please indulge us with our lives lol. We will speed up the process of baby steps, kuroko no basket and other series whenever the people involved in them are free, which should be soon enough if I believe the rumors going around :P. Sorry for this long post, but we just wanted to make sure you understand what’s slowing us down! Anyway, it’s not time to grief, but to enjoy a new chapter of Baby Steps!

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  1. YAY thanks, but the reason we asked previously is because we just wanted to know your reason, we werent trying to force you to go faster, just people have a natural curiosity and we needed an answer like this one :P

  2. Thanks for continuing. I understand as a scanlator myself real-world problems and scanlating conflicting. Keep up the good work and always know that we’ll be supporting and waiting!

  3. Thanks for the new chapter! Always appreciate the hard work and effort you guys put in! Thank you so very much!

  4. Thank you for the chapter! Hope you didn’t get too angry because of the traditional leecher whining:P

  5. Thx a lot guys, I was really looking forwards this realise,
    Now waiting for the next chapter :p

  6. Thanks a ton, made my day!

    The impatient whiners is probably a case of a very vocal small minority. I think the vast silent majority (95%) of people are simply patient and grateful for whenever you guys have the time and good will to continue to release such high quality chapters (for FREE too). They also have better things to do with their lives than bother you guys.

    Screw the tiny minority of whiners, ignore them and do whatever you guys want.

    My 2 cents

  7. After reading the whole post (phew) I got one question:

    When’s the next chapter? xD

    /me Muahahahaha’s in the background

  8. You know i really really hate cliffhangers so much, but on the other hand that is what make’s it a really good manga.

    Thanks for the new chapter, has been a while since i said that!

  9. Ish cool, just think if you guys were a normal translation group and did it weekly, we’d only be on like chapter 70 right now! so thank you. enjoy life. its worth it.

  10. yess!! more babysteps thank you so much been lookingforward to this lol cant wait to see whats gonna happen next :) as always thank you for the time & hard work you put into this, to be honest as a fan it kills me to wait but its cuz im a fan of babysteps & your work that im willing to wait for as long as i need to lol(just as long as u dont stop it lol) so really thank you guys :)

  11. OMG! (did you know the first recorded use of that is 1917?) Anyhow thanks for the release!!! I am happy that I get Baby Steps period… cuz I could be getting none…

  12. Nice. Thanks. I’m surprised people still asked even though you guys already gave warning about school and stuff. Then again… I know people were still whining about chapters for naruto and such during golden week, with forewarning. =/

  13. Thanks for the release!! its so great to have a new chapter thanks alot. Cant wait for the next one.

  14. Thanks for the chapter! I say ignore all the morons who have nothing better to do than kvetch.

  15. Thanks for the release! My only concern was that you guys said you were going to release this series weekly on the March 26th release but you guys haven’t. The two after that did mention RL issues that made them late since then, but to say a weekly release and instead do something monthly… Just a bit misleading, all in all I’m thankful for what you guys are doing and I can’t wait for the next chapter! Is there any place to see updates about our favorite scans besides from the the most recent one released?

    1. well, things are happened in our way. so really our releases are irregular dates

  16. Take your time. I’m happy to see another release and hope to enjoy more releases in the future.

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