44 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch93”

  1. any ita on whats happening to baby steps? :l or on any of the manga scanlations o.o? seems like they stopped all projects for awhile, in canada exams are done XD, maybe they taking summer courses though :P but i would still like info on whats happening o.o

    1. Hasn’t even been that long… relax, we’re still in operation
      Besides, exams are not over for everybody yet. Lestat still has exams next week

    2. I just find it a bit ironic that people say we are a slow group, yet get worried if we don’t release anything for a week

    3. Haha, I don’t know who says that. You are one of the fastest groups I know to be honest. I think that’s why some of us got a little anxious.
      There are some groups who release a weekly series once a month if we are lucky. If they miss one month then people wait another month before asking questions. I know it sounds funny but its actually true.

  2. Hi guys, we all understand that you have real lives and need much deserved breaks. We would just like to be kept in the loop.

    Telling us things like if there will be delays and an idea of when next baby chapters will be released etc will be much appreciated.

    BTW, I love your work and am hooked on Baby Steps. :D

  3. I’ve been waiting :) This is the manga that you guys scan that I enjoy the most thanks!

  4. We were spoiled so much with the sudden release frenzy, and then they stopped o.0. Now we get a release and they seeming stop again :(
    Cock blocked Otaku style

  5. this is great just got back from a long weekend of geting wasted for my b-day to find baby steps, what a day lol thanks guys please keep up the great work, this truly is the greatest manga around :)

  6. Looks like Takuma finally figured it out, good end to the volume.

    Thanks for the release.

  7. Shame on you for forgetting :P

    But seriously, is it really not possible for releasing several chapters per week? Its the best series you release, atleast in my opinion.

    Thanks for the chapter

  8. was it really forgotten o.o? or was there some other issue? if it was forgotten does that mean another ones coming soon :D? anyhow thanks for this chapter

  9. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!
    Haven’t read it yet, I ran over to say thank you!! Day=made! <3

    1. Now I need more. ;-; So short… Though maybe that’s cause I read it so fast… >->;

  10. THANK-YOU guys for all the hard work you do to get us this! This release has brightened my day!

  11. I hope you guys can start releasing this again on a more frequent schedule! You guys do such a great job on it.

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