Kuroko no Basket – Ch131

Well hello everyone. We do know that chapters ahead of these are already out, but since we started it, we will keep doing it, because apparently now that the anime is out, popularity > respect. Anyway, the game is still as exciting as before, if not more and I really want to find out who’ll end up the winner and how!

Enjoy this new chapter!

26 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket – Ch131”

  1. Thanks so much for scanlating this :D
    I read the other scanlations but I do intend to read your scanlations even if I read the chp already b/c the quality \o/

  2. I stick with what I said. ImS is slow. I already knew that(bunch of mangas I follow here earlier release really slowly) but only said after the spsanish group released more chapters since it was made obvious for everyone. IMS pick up a billion projects and release it very slowly. I prefer much more a group of people that enjoy only the manga Kuroko and want to translate fast to the fans.

    That said, the quality is here is better. However, Kuroko isn’t a hard manga to understand, it’s basic shounen, so at least here, the fastest one wins.

    I managed to understand even with half-decent english, so I will keep following the one that is releasing faster.

    1. I think you do well to point out our problem. Indeed, we are doing too many series, but it would be sad to drop either of them. The same way you love Kuroko, other people might like Sidooh or Diamond no Ace or Player Kill or what have you. Anyway, you’re free to read from whomever you want.

  3. who need quality? the fastest the winner [first come first serve] … you want a good quality, just buy the tankobon if its available in your region. you like this manga right? so buy it.

  4. Thanks a lot for this, havent read the other versions yet but i expect this to be better than them atleast

  5. Seriously, like anyone is giving a fuck about quality.
    The first update wins and that’s naturally the party that skims on quality.

    That’s the thanks you get as a scanlator. You’re only being liked as long as you’re the one with the fastest release.
    As soon as “competition”, or more like some incompetent wanna-be scanlator fag in this case, pops ups, the fans switch over to and spout lines like “IMS is the slowest scanlation group ever” (Taken from batoto).
    Do you really need to ask why we watermark or just simply drop stuff??

  6. I don’t want to read and I don’t intent to read the other versions! I met and began to love the story when you guys started to do! Not to mention the quality, right? You guys are awesome!
    Thanks for another chapter of Kuroko!

  7. I did see those other versions, but the quality is bad, it’s more the impatient kind waiting for your quality scans and translation to come out (I can understand the frustration, since on batoto you see the other languages progression), so I’d rather wait for you <3 Thanks! And do it at the pace you're happy to work on it, otherwise there won't be a point for you to do it, nay? ^^

  8. I am you guys loyal fan ^^ Don’t worry, keep up with the good work ^^

    Thank you for the new chapter ^^

  9. Uhh, I don’t think those “scans” of newer Kuroko are considered “scans”. They were translated from the Spanish version, and the person somehow managed to botch it up completely. The grammar and spelling gave most people headaches.

    Thank You.

  10. I hope you know that I’m only following you guys on this series, so keep them coming ;D
    Thank you~

  11. Hi I’m from the staff of BuzzerDunk which are translating the newer chapters of Kuroko in spanish, and I gotta say I love the work it is done here, the tankobon raw has greater quality along with the bloopers so don’t feel bad about being behind and keep up the good work!!

    thanks for the release =D

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