Kuroko no Basket – Ch129

Magic trick is magic! I’m tricking your eyes into thinking that you are seeing yet another chapter of Kuroko no Basket! Actually I’m not, but Kuroko is tricking you nevertheless! This release was fast since there was a crappy version released and we couldn’t let you guys destroy your eyes on those poor quality pages and it was almost done anyway! So a little speed up on this one won’t kill us! Anyway it’s really intense now and the bloopers were pretty funny imo this time!

Enjoy this new chapter!

10 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket – Ch129”

  1. Thank you so much! Totally awesome mood i’m in all thanks to this double release! Looking forward to May and June, especially if there’s more Kuroko no Basket. Take care! ^_^

  2. Thanks so much! I’m glad that you made a better quality version!
    Hope you all won’t have to speed up your editions to the point where you can’t handle it anymore! D:
    Take care, and thanks again :)

  3. Kuroko<3 kyaaaaaa you will be always my number 1 lol.
    Thank you for the quality and hard work. Love you guys<3

  4. There will be one soon enough, miscommunication and all, you know how it is… Should be up in the next few days if not today.

  5. Thanks for the chapter!!! Will there be a Baby Steps chapter soon? I just want to know its status, so please take all the time you need.

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