30 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch92”

  1. All I ask is a Work in Progress update.

    i dont mind waiting for releases ive been waiting for Omamori Himari, REC, The legend of legendary heroes, and Sket Dance releases for forever so I can deal with waiting so take your time, but a Stats update wouldn’t hurt right?

    something like “hey releases have stalled..will be a while before next release…we havent droped..etc” ya know?

    Communication is key in all things =)

  2. So the most popular series you all fanlate…..the one where “someone” makes a 50+ donation for….and you don’t post? don’t pull a translator from another project to help the more popular one? makes sense i guess. to people who don’t care what the masses want anyways.

    1. I know how you feel, and its awesome you donated so much on behalf of the rest of us leechers, but if we are a little patient they mat reward us with more releases, so stay positive

    2. Real life happens, we have no idea what these guys are doing for a job, or if they’re in college. Stuff can just come up. Just be patient, it’ll be released at some point.

    3. Yep, but it’s weird.

      Lot of other scan, but none of the best manga.

      I dont understand too ;)

    1. Oh no, Takuma is going to totally wreck his face like Ariya did the first time they faced eachother.

      Though it will eventually happen. His growth and skill are building at just unbelievable rates. I just finished reading some raws, and I can’t wait until they catch up.

  3. WOW, finally; so happy to see you again Nacchan and Eichan
    Thanks for the release guys :D

  4. Real life? What is that?

    Thank you for the chapter! Can’t wait to see the outcome of this match:)

  5. No natsu…dammit…no wait she was there somewhere….

    PS: there’s a miss typing as in insert the text in the wrong bubbles xD Hint: Takuma^^

  6. Yay! A new chapter! And don’t you worry, real life happens sometimes and we understand it. Those who don’t… Well, screw them!

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