Kuroko no Basket – Ch128

Well it’s been a while for this one too, but here it is, we new awesome techniques. We should start releasing Kuroko more often starting in may or beginning of June, until then, we’ll release as much as we can! So stay tuned!

Enjoy this new chapter!

14 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket – Ch128”

  1. Thanks a whole bunch! You guys are awesome!

    ugh, this chapter is such a cliffhanger. I- can’t—-even—

  2. Thanks for the release! I just start following this manga after watching the first episode of anime. I am slowly catching up to volume 4 now and can only say that this series is indeed very interesting !!

  3. Thank you for your efforts! I recently got hooked on this manga because of your translations.


    Great Job, I LOVE this Scan quality <3 Thanks for the hard work~ :3

  5. yay! new chapter scanlated…. with this, my morning is great… (1st kuroko anime episode + new scanlated chapter)


    Well thx anyway for this awesome chapter :) You are doing a great job! :)

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