Nyotai-ka V03Ch04 and Batch V01

Hello! we are present you new chapter of Nyotai-ka Volume 3 Ch04 also we throw volume 1. I know there is other group done, but this version is better because other group has missing translation and raw is not great. so Enjoy~!

I want say Special Thank to linktriforce007, Onix1 and Robug-sama who help work on this series :) Thanks bunch!

8 thoughts on “Nyotai-ka V03Ch04 and Batch V01”

  1. this is my second time reading this and I for one admit your translation is better with that said are you in the process of re-translating the 2nd Vol

    1. @xX0x0Xx and Captshiro

      i dont know, because i feel so unmotivated if i have another typesetter help with this series,so yeah.

  2. Needs some Not Safe For Work tags you guys. Didn’t expect to see some of this while I was at work because I had no idea what this manga was about.

    1. lol u probably shudnt be reading manga at work anyhow? if its so called not safe? isnt that a mistake on your part lol?

    2. It’s called I have time to do things other than just work and have breaks and lunches. Think outside the box a little.

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