11 thoughts on “Bowling King Ch180”

    1. No japanese raws, because this is a chinese manhwa. It didn’t get localised to JP.

  1. just started reading this whole series like 2 days ago and now im caught up :D, i was kinda curious when i saw it here ^^ , its really funny anyone know if its a cimpletely done series? or ongoing?

    1. haha nvm i figured out its 24 volumes and completed xD so 6 more to go :D cant wait to see the end of this one ^^,

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!! Thanks so much for your hard work! It is so worth the wait :D

  3. Awesome!!!

    This series is so funny. Thank you for keeping this alive.

    I CANNOT wait for new chapters so GOGOGOGO!!! :)

    Seriously, thanks a lot though.

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