Kuroko no Basket – Ch127

So here’s my second and most probably last post of the day, since I’m going to take the said nap in the post earlier!

Enjoy this new chapter!

P.S: We still need a translator for this series and we do know that some translations are on mangahelpers, but the translator of these is MIA, so we do need a new translator.

15 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket – Ch127”

  1. So cooooool! (I know I’m weird, but Aomine’s like that, ne?) I can’t wait for what will happen next!!! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for this chapter!

  2. Tnx for the chapter, its getting really exciting. I hope it works out with more translators. :D

  3. yo les puedo pasar las traduccion a espaol solo necesitarian a alguien que las pase a ingles
    I can pass to Spanish translations only need someone to go to English
    I have of chapter 128 to chapter 155 in spanish

    1. hmm, i can translate Spanish to English
      but they will probably want it from Japanese to English so it doesn’t lose any translation

  4. woot awesome cant wait for next chapter, btw wat is this manga current chapter in japan?

    1. It is currently not up to the latest chapter in Japan. The latest chapter in Japan is already over 150 chapters I believe or somewhere around there.

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