Baby Steps Ch91

We would like to inform you guys/gals that effective from now, we are going to slow down the release process of Baby Steps to a 1 chapter per week pace, but don’t worry, it’s not permanent. Summer vacations are close and our translator will be back to translate to his full speed by then.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter~

    From one per day to three per week to 1 per week… T.T

    Still, I accept the exam excuse….until I need my fix, then I’ll just go read the raws. So no hurry at the time…I’mlyingguesswhyIcametocomment:P

    Thanks for spoiling us for so long, as always.^^

    1. I concur wholeheartedly. o_o
      I guess this is a good excuse to start studying my kanji though… >_>;

  2. Thank You!!!!! Never even realized there was a comments section. I have just been reading the releases for this manga XD. Bookmarked your site a while ago for it. Better quality and loads so much faster than the ones on Mangafox etc however that site does help me realize when you have it updated XD. Well looking forward to more releases :)

  3. thanks a lot guys for the new chap & hard work u put into it :) as for the once a week thing its better that non a week lol so u just enjoy ur vacation. thanks again :)

  4. you guys work too hard! dw about us leechers, we’ll be happy with what we get, enjoy the summer.

  5. Hey ounce a week is still fast! Thanks a bunch for the new chapter and looking forward the next!

    random question… anyone know if this series is new the finish? I heard it’s on volume 19 so that’s gotta be like 100chapters ahead of this one…

  6. Bwahahaha nice chapter. Getting a little angsty aren’t we Eichan? Anyways thanks for the release. Don’t worry about the once-a-week deal, we’ve just been spoiled too much :P Enjoy your vacation to your hearts content.

  7. Thanks for this chapter and Thanks for speeding up the America arc while you could. Can’t wait for summer break :D

  8. OMG… I laughed out loud at that end. xD Oh Takuma… This was such a nice chapter. :D
    And thanks for clearing up the stuff about the schedule. ^_^ Good luck with all the end of year exams and whatnot too, you can’t slack on that studying. :p Just like how I should be studying instead of reading Baby Steps… But at least it improves morale. :DDD

  9. Oh, the end made me lol so hard. Gotta love it. Well worth the wait for this chapter. Hahahahaha. 5 stars.

  10. all is good as long as its every monday I’ll be fine ^^, itll make depressing mondays become happy mondays xD, I’d also like to know how many chapters until were caught up? I can’t quite find the details of what chapter the japan releaes are on xD

  11. once I get caught up with Index LNs (only 1.5 volumes left :D), I should be able to do moar, but till then…. fukouDAAAAAAAXDDDDDDDDD

  12. Lol love the chapter. Tnx for being able to handle doing three chapters per week, spoiling us all for a while. :D

  13. A weekly release is OK, I suppose. After all, many manga series are weekly. It’s just kind of sad since there was a time where releases were almost daily.
    Well, time to read! Thank you so much, I needed my dosage of Baby steps :)

  14. Thanks for the release! Once a week will be good too so no worries, I am just glad I can get my weekly dose of Nacchan…err… I mean Baby Steps…

  15. Thanks for all the releases up till now. Also dont worry about it being only once a week for releases. Enjoy your summer when it gets here.

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