A Book of Dreams – Ch18

It’s me again (oh don’t act like you are tired of me, I bring new chapters!). So this time around it’s actually A Book of Dreams, with a new, action-packed chapter! Since it’s action-packed, I don’t have much to say lol.

Enjoy this new chapter and if you haven’t read this yet, give it a try, you never know, you might like it!

7 thoughts on “A Book of Dreams – Ch18”

  1. Thank you Deathy80 and everyone working on this manhwa, I”ll be looking for the rest of it

  2. But the girl is cute! Reminds me of that rice girl from Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou, and also of Nyan Koi. So win!

  3. Yeah, should really try this one out if you haven’t, the story will only get better and better in the next couple of volumes =p.

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