Baby Steps Ch 90


So this chapter is a little special as it links back to the title of the manga. I think it was done pretty well.

Natsu looks SUPER happy =) brings a smile to my face as well!

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  1. Umm, You said there would be more information regarding the release schedule of Baby Steps today. So… any news? Is it going to be a Wednesday release or what? A reply would be much appreciated, thanks. :)

  2. i have question is this still released MWF? or did it change to once-twice a week? Sorry just curious cause i keep spam looking this site for more XD like every MWF :P just help me out so i know when to look for it, thanks for this release ^^

    1. Ditto. D: I love getting my MWF fix, and if the schedule’s different I’d like to know so I can readjust my cravings. xD;;

    2. I think from mwf it got to mf, so 3 chapters/week was unlikely in the first place. 1ch/week will do good to our patience because that mangathon made us impatient and demanding. I remember the times, when 1 chapter or less / month was the rate. I’m really grateful that you scanlate Baby Steps no matter the speed:) (Although that marathon was pretty sweet:D)

    3. yeah i dont mind 1/week, as long as i know when since, every other series I look at i know when its gunna be released every week and go search for its release on that day :P

  3. Thanks! I wanna see Eichan owning somebody from STC. Show them how much you have improved Eichan!

    And let’s hope to see Marcia again :(

  4. Thanks again for the releases!
    Can’t wait for them to see the change in him now that he is back :D

  5. Dawwwww… That was such a good chapter. ;-; The new arc is gonna be aweeesome~
    Thanks for all your work~ :D

  6. E-chan forgot to thanks Natsu, maybe his waiting for a private moment… Thanks for the release.

    1. He doesn’t even know what exactly it is he should be thanking her for….yet. I’m sure it’ll come up later sometime.

  7. Very emotional chapter, thanks for the release, cant wait for ei-chan to show his progress :)

  8. Thx for the chapter …waiting to see how his training works against his Japanese opponents…

  9. Aww, they only showed Marcia crying from a distance. Anyway, an emotional chapter, I can’t wait to see him kick butt back home!

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Lol i know i had to look through it again just to find where she was crying. If ilikefood hadn’t said anything i might have missed that slight gesture from a distance !! Lol

  10. OMG Natsu! How I have missed her! Can’t wait to see everyone shocked at the change in E-Chan!

  11. Same thing as a lot of other guys, thanks for this chapter, it was great to see Natsu’s smile but… but I want to see her “wahouh” when she’ll see Maruo playing :p

  12. Thanks for a great chapter !! … Everything’s in Japanese … I woder why hmmm lol

  13. Oh my god…….it was a great chap, but i want the next already….

    And thank you for the great release :D

  14. thanks for the new chap, nice to see Natsu again :) looking forward to seeing how e chans training is going to pays off in the games to come :) & thanks again for the work u put in to bring this manga to people like me who cant read jap :)

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