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  1. this chapter is pretty interesting, the author is pretty good for making a match so exciting, i truly don’t know whos going to win. at first i thought it was E because he needs to win one serious match before he goes back to japan and it would make alot of sense letting E leave with winner’s high. but then it also makes sense to let Alex win because it lets Alex have the chance to be introduced later on, seriously doubt he will make an appearance on a biggish stage if he loses to pre-pro Eichan so for the long run, letting Alex win would be best. also otherwise it would make no sense when E-chan is trying to become pro and has a difficult time since hes already faced a serious alex and hes won. so this is quite a good match.

  2. Sweet! I got home late last night to find this treat waiting for me! Totally made my breakfast taste better this morning :P

  3. <3 New Baby steps. It's always a treat to get a new chapter, but as others have pointed out, take care of the wrist.

  4. Thank you for the chapter and really don’t forget to take care of your wrist. I know how long it can take if you don’t take good care of it and also remember that it could return!

  5. Wow, I was looking forward to this so much! thanks alot, glad to hear you got better :D

  6. I’m glad your wrist is getting better. Tnx for the chapter, was well worth the wait :D

  7. hope you don’t overdo yourself, and thanks for giving us the scans!

    you should rest up and not overexert, we can wait lol

  8. Aaaaah!!!
    Thank you thank you, I’ve been refreshing every hour or two since monday. xD;; And then I read the chapter and it’s over to fast and I make that strangled noise…
    But it’s turning out even more exciting than I thought it would be. <3 Glad to have you back and feeling better!

  9. Nice to see yourself, in less discomfort.

    On a side note I dont know who I want to win, either E-chan wins and Alex might go into a breakdown or vice versa. Just let them both pass out from tiredness, but there is no chance that’s gonna happen. Oh well will be interesting to see what happens next.

  10. Great! It looks like Eichan has a real possibility to win. GoEichan!
    Anf thanks for the newest release! Take care Kajii and the rest of the group!

  11. thank you very much for all the fast realeases i really appreciate it please keep up the good work =D!!

  12. Good to see you’re feeling better, don’t push too much though… Anyway thanks for the release!

  13. Thank you, we appreciate this. carpal tunnel is a bitch. U should get some gel, either for squeezing or for resting.

  14. Thanks for the release! Make sure you’re taking care of that wrist though. Don’t let the leecher pressure get to you.

  15. thanks for the new chap, been waiting to read this so thanks, hope ur hand gets better soon & thanks again for the hard work :)

  16. Thanks a ton but prioritize your health please! Manga is awesome but hurt wrist last long time.

  17. iz okayz I dun worriez ;)

    Thanks and welcome back from the week of relaxation (fapping)

    You know I was just on my way to the bed, evil joo are evil! :p

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