Maybe you guys/gals wonder where is releases? Well I Kajii decide myself take a 1 week break from scanlation because I’m suffer with pain on right wrist(i think i may have a carpal tunnel). If you asked could someone can cover for me? Sadly no, because only 3 people include myself have access to upload DDL/Reader which are georgi and lordlestat. They are too busy with school/job, they wouldn’t upload until night(Eastern timezone). Anyway, the release would hiatus would be Baby Steps and Diamond no Ace,

Next week, Everything would back to normal :) Sorry again.

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  1. Oh…. so that’s what happened… I was wondering… Since I rarely visit the websites unless there’s a release.

    But damn, that sucks. Hope you get better.

  2. There’s no need for you to say sorry. Your health comes first. Thanks a lot for the update and for all of your hard work! I hope your right wrist gets better soon!

  3. Get well soon Kajii

    it’s better for u to take care your hand for a while…

    we’ll wait patiently… :D

  4. Thanks a lot for updating us on your situation! We’re already blessed just to have Baby Steps and DnA released so consistently. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your time of rest, for however long you need to!

  5. Oh so that’s what happened… I was getting spoilt with all those Baby Steps releases was wondering what’s up.

    Hope you get better soon ~~

  6. just resting bro
    don’t overdid something free like this
    we all leechers can be patient for your return

  7. Take off as long as you need! The manga isn’t going anywhere so take care of yourself when you need too.

    As always, thanks for everything you’ve done. Hope to see you better soon!

  8. Kaiji, your health is first. Many of us love Baby Steps Diamond no Ace, but it’s not necessary for you to take such risk of injuring yourself more. Get checked out, or at least rest until you truly feel better, the chapters can wait after all.
    Get well soon!

  9. As if you guys would ever have any reason to apologize haha.
    I hope to read your amazing scans for years to come, so take your time and get better!
    If you really think it’s carpal tunnel, go get that looked at.
    A simple wrist brace and occasional stretching can do wonders!

  10. Considering how many releases you’ve been giving us recently, you deserve the break! Get a good rest! =D

  11. Tnx for all the hard work. Thats a lot of dedication to work until you get possible injuries. Though it might be best to slow it down when you return to avoid further damage.

  12. If it’s really carpal tunnel, then you should take more than one week of rest. And do specific exercises. I’m having tendonitis at the moment. It’s easier and better to cure it while it’s not too grave… Take care!

  13. i’ll be more pissed off if you screw your hand and baby steps will be dropped because of you being lousy enough to carry on even with an injury >:(. anyway hope you get better bro.

  14. Noooooo how dare you, bring out your leader! I keeeel uuuu!

    I know you did it by purpose to annoy me by hitting on those two series I only read here!!!! D:

    Oh well, sux to be people who dun know japanese, kekekekekkekeke

    Anyway if it’s carpal tunnel then you should just drop scanlations since you won’t be able to use your hand without hurting a lot, then you need an operation and then you have to wait months before you can use it normal again. Not to mention you will affect your wrist if you starts to early with scanlations again. Trust me it’s better to take care of your body than getting leechers to get the latest chapter ;)

    All the best, dude~

    1. That’s the wrong mindset.
      One for the leecher, all for the leecher!
      Release even if it kills ya~~

      Well, nobody’s going to miss baby steps anyway, so I guess it’s alright^^

    2. I totally agree…I tried to use spoilertags for my own thought, you know the little angel that tells me how wrong this is, but I couldn’t find them, then I failed at using parentheses D:

      Anyway, keep scanlating until you die, there be many others to take over for you instead!!!

      What’s “miss baby steps”? A new shoujo? :o

  15. While I will admit to missing the releases of Baby Steps, I would prefer you to take as much time as you need to feel better with out feeling any obligation to the fans of this site. Hope you feel better and please don’t rush yourself.

  16. Well, if the pain persists more than a few days, then I hope you get it checked out. Rest well, and we’ll see you in a week!

  17. Rest well Kajii, carpal tunnel is a pain in the a**… I hope you won’t need surgery in that case…

  18. Oh no! D:
    Well, I hope you feel better after a week. I’d hate more than anything if it turned into a real problem for you. :/
    Good luck on feeling better!

  19. I think I might have carpal tunnel too! It’s not a very good feeling at all….

    Hope it feels better soon!

  20. Hope that you get better, that is all that you have to worry. The releases can wait.

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