Diamond no Ace – Ch70

Hello everyone, so he’s yet another chapter of DnA for you people out there! As someone mentioned before, another chapter of building up the tension and foreshadowing stuff! On another note, in a future not too far, we’d like to make sure that we can keep giving you Diamond no Ace at this pace, we’d like to ask if any translator(japanese) would be willing to come translate for us. That was the message of the day.

Enjoy this new chapter!

10 thoughts on “Diamond no Ace – Ch70”

  1. thanks for the release :D. hope you can find a translator and keep up this amazing pace :D. you guys are awesomes :D.

  2. Thanks…if it just me or is the main char getting more and more lousy? O.o

    I forgot why he was scouted by the chick…and where be my elder woman – young kid romance? :O

    1. LIES! You don’t insert women in the manga if there be no romance! Then again he did scream Chris senpai for a few vols so….oh noes D:

    2. There is that manager that seems to be watching him cheering for him on the sidelines…

    3. Kaybee is right I forgot. Still I like her senpai better if I have to choose between the managers…sooo tsundere she is xD

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