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  1. hey guys! are there going to be chapters out? or are you guys resting today?

    great job! ^_^

  2. just read chapter 1-present today …. gotta say ….. really good manga, hope he gets back to japan soon though since itll be more interesting to see how much he developed over this period. And when is the fire gonna light under his rival….cause that guys isnt doing so well or so it seemed over the past 87 chapters ….

  3. So good and yet so short :(

    Still Loving the release rate though, even if I do get greedy and want more, more, more :D

  4. Ohhhh, This is awesome :) Thanks for translation and scan :) I hope soon as possible all chapters will be released :)

  5. Wow.. the first couple of pages looked like a pain to edit. And I nearly headdesk when Ei-chan gave Alex that easy point LOL. Well, I really hope Ei-chan wins, but that’s just wishful thinking.. Anyway, keep up the good job guys.

    1. It’s not wishful thinking at all! There is enough testosterone and adrenaline running through E-chan right now for him to pick up any girl he wants at a club :P

  6. Thank you….. But I want more. D,; This chapter felt so short! So you scanners need to know that I appreciate you so much, so you absolutely can’t ever think of dropping this or anything, okay? D:
    But thank you guys sooo much. This was a great great chapter.


    2. Like me or they will kill one tennis ball for you not posting on the release D:

      PS: Scanners scan stuff, scanlators scanlates your chapter.

    3. I replied to one other one before… >_>;
      I'm just usually the strong silent type, I guess. :p

  7. Thank you very much for the chpater. I am looking forward to the conclusion of the match. Go Ei-chan!

  8. Thanl you for giving us tasty releases:) It’s good that the weekend is so short:P

  9. Wow, finally the last set is bound to bring many surprises for both players! Go Maruo!

  10. thank u guys for another chap of baby steps, i now have somethink to read :) i look forward to the next chap :) please keep up the great work

  11. I love this manga so much!! Thank you for this amazing release! Every waiting between each release is like torture but the chapters are so good :D 3rd set is gonna be legen – wait for it…

  12. Its only been 2 days since the last chapter but it feels like ages. I just love this manga.

  13. Now the eyes even glow lol…

    Anyway, great chapter. E-chan will have to find out later that going behind your opponent is more effective sometimes. Also, with his ability to read the opponent and react quickly, Maruo should become a great returner who is able to sometimes hit return winners, hopefully we’ll see it in the future…

    Thanks as always.

    1. So far he has been happy with just putting a return into play, but what he has the talent to do and what he will have to do in order to succeed is be an aggressive returner. Not sure if you followed the ATP tour in the last 10 years, but I think Maruo’s game should be styled in the same mold as a Hewitt or a Ferrer or a Davydenko. All small players without any particular strong weapons but with great reactions and hand-eye coordination with foot speed to burn. Agassi is another good example of this.

  14. woot awesome chapter! man I really want e chan to win lol.. I know its unlikely but it would definitely make him closer to pro level

    1. actually nevermind being pro level… when he goes back to japan hes gunna instawin lmao..

    2. Lol i was thinking the same thing during this chapter… Nabae, what a slap in your face you’re going to take :D (not even mentioning Araya… :p)

    3. You forget this is a shounen magazine :P Everyone powers up! including the main character

    4. Yeah, but let us jubilate a little :P But I think it’d be awkward if there’s a really tight match between ei chan and nabae or araya (remember nabae saying he couldn’t do anything against the insanely fast progression of ike back in time). Plus, Alex’s supposed to be way better than nabae…

    5. At this point the only one of the juniors who should be a match for E-chan is Nabae.

    6. All of them play different tennis and all of them must have powered up, Takuma himself plays according to strength rather than strategy which Ei-chan is weak against.

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