Nyotai-ka V03Ch04 and Batch V01

Hello! we are present you new chapter of Nyotai-ka Volume 3 Ch04 also we throw volume 1. I know there is other group done, but this version is better because other group has missing translation and raw is not great. so Enjoy~!

I want say Special Thank to linktriforce007, Onix1 and Robug-sama who help work on this series :) Thanks bunch!

Baby Steps Ch91

We would like to inform you guys/gals that effective from now, we are going to slow down the release process of Baby Steps to a 1 chapter per week pace, but don’t worry, it’s not permanent. Summer vacations are close and our translator will be back to translate to his full speed by then.

If you happen to find something wrong, please complain to ilikefood directly :)