Melty Blood X Ch.02

A chapter of great romance and intrigue… exploring the wonders of engineering and various humanist philosophies… delving into Ancient Egyptian history… and most importantly, featuring lots of cute girls! Please check it out, and give a shout out to Linksys, ’cause he deserves it. Oh, and Stark, and all the other people that don’t really matter that much…

Baby Steps Ch84

“Those really are well made notes” Don’t forget to take good notes in class, challenge your teachers, and win at school leechers!

Side note: KellyJo has joined us in our struggle to provide manga for you all! Everyone welcome KellyJo! As it stands right now, georgi will be moving on to other projects, while KellyJo and Purgatory13z will be working on proofreading/maintaining the tennis lingo. We are still recruiting if anyone else wants to help out! Visit the forums!