Kuroko no Basket Ch119-122

So here are the chapters that we haven’t been releasing due to various reasons, but we should be back on track from now on! So here are chapters 119 to 122 included, we should have ch123+ ready soon enough, since we want to provide you with quality releases for Kuroko no Basket!

Special thanks to Loki who decided to help me with the typesetting and PROzess who helped translate to fill in the 3 missing chapters that we needed. Also, we would like to welcome a new staff member, Vargs, the proofreader. She will fill in for kuroko no basket and maybe some more eventually, we never know!

Enjoy these not so new, but higher in quality chapters!

Kuroko no Basket Ch119-122

16 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket Ch119-122”

  1. Does the one who responsible for Kurobasu translation got changed, because i saw some “inconsistency” between translation:
    Chp 119/ page 8 -> I can only be beaten by myself (Last time It’s “the one who only can defeat me is me”)
    Chp 120/5 -> Ignite pass Go! (Last time it’s “Ignite pass kai”)
    Chp122/11 -> Just confused about “He” in 4th panel’s stand for Koga or Aomine? ‘_’

    Btw, thx for HQ chapter, I love the NG part X3
    Way to go!

  2. Thanks a lot you guys I was waiting for you guys to release it because you guys provide the best quality out there.

  3. Tnx so much for the Great quality scans and translation, really glad to see one of my favorites that you guys do, return.

  4. @Aruazwa
    No offense but I think you ought to get your eyes checked.

    One looks like it’s done from magazine, AKA all blurry, smudged and with details missing because of the quality of the raws is lacking… and the other looks like a HQ tankobon scanlation (imangascans).

  5. Yay, finally, I’ve been waiting for Kuroko~ *O* Thanks for the hard work~
    Imma go fangirl Kuroko more~ kyaaaa

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