Baby Steps Ch72

Alright people! We need redrawers for Baby Steps! Ask your friends, your boyfriends/girlfriends, your parents, anyone with any sort of experience with photoshop! We need them and we need them NOW!

Recruiting help aside, everyone say hello to Marcia in the manga! Remember! Spread the word!

29 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch72”

  1. I have the feeling Marcia will fall for Ei-chan after he proves himself worthy as a tennis player.

  2. i just went by the Sarasota/Brandenton International Airport today (actually, i pass through it every mon/wed/fri)… for some reason I feel nice to see it somewhere else other than a map

    thanks for the chapter… hope ei-chan nails dat chik

  3. Amazing chapter, amazingly quick, amazing release, THANK YOU ! I hope you’ll find enough redrawers to keep up the good work :)

    Will Marcia steal Ei-chan…? Be careful Nacchan…

  4. Hello Marcia! Fufufu… Ei-chan will steal girls heart left and rigth:D Just as you stole our leecher heart:P Thank you! I’m really grateful:) Getting home, reading a nice Baby Steps chapter. Who needs more?

    1. Meh, if Nacchan really likes him that much she should go for it, if his heart gets stolen then it’ll be her fault too :P

    2. Dammit food, Nacchan all the way. And you should know the reason…Well one of the main ones anyways ;p

  5. I’m willing to be a redrawer for Baby Steps provided the redraws aren’t atrocious. I have some experience cleaning, redrawing, and typesetting some manga personally. Email me and I’ll help as much as I can.

  6. thanks for the new chap guys, hope u have luck finding a redrawer as i think the speed at witch u release this great manga is amazing & i hope u will beable to keep it going :)

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