Baby Steps Ch71

Come on, Help us.. otherwise Baby Steps will slow down if we don’t have any redrawers, don’t blame us :/. We need 1-2 redrawer to help us, because we have only 1 cleaner Stark who did all himself, so Please help him. All you have do basic do redrawing thats it, if you asking what is redrawing. so here an example o below of photo:

All need is fill in those missing spots that are covered by the original Japanese text.

Enjoy this Chapter, Please consider to help us we know we able to reach to the latest chapter in Japan.

18 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch71”

  1. Thank you for “Baby Steps”! it was the first time I understood how much THINKING there was in tennis.

    Thank you for “Akuma to Love Song”!
    It was the first time I understood that manga could be about complex people whose thoughts, in addition to their emotions, motivated them.

    I’m a retired book editor . I’m not sure you need this service, but if you want the occasional translation that is not idiomatic English turned into standard English, call on me. I’m probably way older than the usual manga fan. If you’re comfortable with working with such a person, call on me at my email address. I love mange, so I would be glad to help.

  2. when is coming next chapter?;D I’m checking your site every 30 minutes with anticipation:D

  3. Thank you guys, an interesting arc is coming, looking forward to it :) I, unfortunately, have no experience in cleaning, so i can’t help in this area, sorry :( you have all my support though

  4. Thank you very much! It’s pretty awesome to come home to a new Baby Steps release every weekday:)

  5. working on it >.> I wanna help , going to friends today to learn more redrawing, but uhm I have a question, how long does stark approx work on it by himself? just need to know how much time to commit and when

  6. thanks for the new chap guys, ive asked a few editor that i know to aply, they said they would as they like baby steps themselfs. so heres hoping that helps, as i said before i would but i suck at redrawing :) thanks again for the new chap :)

  7. “we know we able to reach to the latest chapter in Japan.” I am so thankful for you guys and the commitment shown to this series. Unfortunately I can’t help redrawing but I am defiantly thinking of donating in the near future. Thank you and good work!

    1. also, regarding the need for redrawers, have you thought about making a thread and looking around on mangaupdates and mangahelpers? Hopefully you could find some willing people to help out on other sites…

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