Baby Steps Ch 70

We need 1-2 redrawer to help us, because we have only 1 cleaner Stark who did all himself, so Please help him. All you have do basic do redrawing thats it, if you asking what is redrawing. so here an example o below of photo:

All need is fill in those missing spots that are covered by the original Japanese text.

please apply at forum If you unable sign up at forum, you are always welcome come IRC to pm Kajii

Wow, Nacchan looks really cute this chapter! So how is everyone’s karaoke skills? I’m somewhat tone deaf; Do we have any american idols in our fanbase?

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  1. hold out a little longer stark :D, im gunna learn some cleaning from a friend xD, hes pretty good but not into this stuff but i shud be decent soon

  2. when she said ” meanie ” that was obvious hint, for those who don’t know she was pretty much saying why does she have to confess first thats not fair. Cause E-chan didn’t really display his feelings but just asked for hers lol. She totally likes him, hes gotta confess

  3. Really like this chapter, thank you for the hard world! Also, I did not see a really big difference in the 2 drawings, it was really minuscule to me, I even said in my head just release the original, but there must be a difference for the team to not release the original. Anywho, thanks again for the chapter.

  4. [email protected]
    Come on people, that was just a case of using the clone tool, you use photoshop and don’t really need to use the superduperdrawing-tablet for this. Plus it doesn’t need to be perfect, the typesetter will do the rest^^

    I would help..nah who am I kidding. I’m retired oldie who is enjoying his retirement by reading manga made by other scanlators xD

    Nacchan is always cute <3

    I'm surprised that Ei-chan asked her last chapter, will check what he gets in this chapter. I don't think he will ask her out, not before he wins over the childhood friend or before he becomes a pro.

    Karaoke…well I broke down my voice when my musique teacher and mother wanted to enroll me into a musique school…everyone knows it's for pussies! So…what skills? xD

  5. Great work , I wish i was good at redrawing >.> I’ve been practising but it doesnt come to anything like the way you just showed lol..

  6. I never did and will never do karaoke:P (That’s what I think now at least…)
    Sadly I was the worst drawer in our class (literally). I can’t draw anything that resembles a straight line. Or any other recognizable shape:(

  7. Nacchan was really cute. And I like Ei-chan’s expression when he saw her all dressed up!
    It was nice chapter, and a good break from all the previous tension about tennis.
    Still, I thought nacchan had a thing for Ikke-kun? (the guy who inspired nacchan to become a pro).
    Thanks for the wave of chapters you have been releasing!
    Very appreciated work!

  8. Argh. I would’ve loved to try help with cleaning (assuming I’d be good enough), but this quarter is swarming me with too much work. Hope you guys find someone qualifying.

    And another good chapter! I understand why Natsu would be annoyed by Ei-chan’s…indirect way of confessing. It definitely wasn’t fair :). You can do it Ei-channnn!! Thanks for this chapterr.

  9. Meanie!

    Eichan should have been the one to confess instead of asking Nacchan what she feels for him first. <3

    Thanks for the new chapter!


    1. Perhaps, but she is the most popular girl in school while most girls Ei-chan knows probably call him fish face or something. She could’ve been coy about it and give him a hint that it was ok to confess. Basically both of them should be more honest.

    2. No way Svyatoslav, E-chan is popular! He is a class representative and helps the entire class. His classmates do like him! Why else would that other class rep be after him as well? Sure his appearance is kind of o_O But is confident, hard working, and a road to success whether he succeeds in tennis or not. He needs to man up and just do it :P She’s dropped enough hints.

    3. Sure they like him as a friend because he is nice, responsible and always helps out when he can (and lets them copy his awesome notes and stuff), others use him for the same reasons but that’s different from romance, especially in high school. Even Nacchan, remember when she borrowed his notes in the very beginning? She was rude and inconsiderate and totally acted like a typical popular kid. She didn’t even treat the notes he gave her with care partially ruining them and didn’t even think about it twice.

      As for hints, there was really only one, but it would be arrogant of Ei-chan to take it to heart.

      I sorta get the other class rep liking him since they are pretty similar but he has no idea she likes him and no other girl ever showed interest in him before so there is nothing to really give him the confidence to have a chance with Nacchan.

    4. Forgot to mention that now I’m cheering for the other class rep even though I know it is a lost cause :P

    5. of course we got it, it should have been done from the festival when he was in the china dress…she’s been waiting and still is…problem is guys can’t be sure n they rather wait then get their heart crushed xD

  10. thanks for the new chap guys :) i would love to help but sadly i suck at redrawering :( but i hope u are able to find some one to help :) please keep up the great work

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