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  1. Whether or not you continue to spoil us (It is too late we’re already spoiled by this point) thanks for releasing these. Baby Steps is one of my favorite mangas atm

  2. Interesting twist with the story, although I still feel a bit sad he hasn’t had a rematch with Takuma. Thanks so much for the fast releases. (2 in one day in a couple cases there.) you guys are amazing. Although, I really hope you guys don’t get worn out or sick of it. As a previous poster mentioned, this should be fun. :) Though the short waits during that tournament was very much appreciated, thank you!! ;)

  3. Nonono. Please keep spoiling us! Pleaaase. :) And as always, thanks for the hard work! This chapter felt shorter than normal, but satisfying. Keep it uppp

  4. You guys are awesome. Thanks for spoiling us with Baby Steps. This is definitely my current obsession. Please let us know how we can help.

  5. WOW you guys are amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work!! I love this story and i am SUPER impressed with how fast you’re releasing these NOT TO MENTION THE AMAZING QUALITY! keep up the great work!! Thank you!

  6. WOW you guys are amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work!! I love this story and i am SUPER impressed with how fast your releasing these.. keep up the great work!! Thank you!

  7. Too late! I’m already spoiled, and quite happy about it! ;)

    Thanks for the new chapter – Ei-chan has a hard time relaxing, doesn’t he?

  8. I’m refraining myself from reading these chapters, right now, in order to not being spoiled.
    Thanks a lot!!

  9. “maybe we should stop before we getting spoiled on you”

    Too Late! :) Thanks for your great work.

  10. I don’t mind waiting but I don’t mind being spoiled either :)

    Once again, many thanks.

  11. This was a nice change of pace for baby steps. I really enjoy this series thank you so much for the hard work and effort put in!

  12. Fufufu… Kageyama, what a sly fox.

    There’s no problem with trying to spoil us. Resisting leecher ungratefulness is a good mental practice:) Well don’t get burnt out! Things regarding manga should be fun.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  13. You shouldnt stop it until you will release the Manga in Volume-Batches in the future ( ervery 2 Weeks for instance^^ ) xD

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter

  14. Guys, Thx a thousand times for your work with Baby Steps!! I absolutely adore this series and i’m totally grateful to you for translating it! You guys are definately Aces in my Book!

  15. you shoulld keep spoiling us, it helps my procrastination :)
    thanksfor the chapter and all your hard work on this great series.

  16. Indeed, you will spoil us so much that we will expect you to deliver…you know like ungrateful leechers who thinks it is their right to get the chapter when they want it ^^

    Thanks for the chapter~

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