24 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch68”

  1. woot thanks for the chapter , damn its gettign exciting again how will e chan improve ^^, plus it seems like a new arc coming

  2. This must be the beginning of an interesting relationship… Thank you so much! Can’t wait for tomorrow:)

  3. There’s always a “YES !” with a closed fist when i click on your RSS and see a new baby stars chapter, thanks ! :D

  4. Every morning is starting to feel like a christmas morning LOL. Thanks again for another chapter!!

  5. i praise my my gods imanga scans for another chap of baby steps, long live the the gods, was that to much lol but really guys thanks alot :)

  6. I am awesome. I feel the connection here. I wanted a new chapter of baby step and went: hmmm….let’s check out the site they may have it release and tadaaaah it’s here (fuck I really need a life T.T I blame arch for this! )

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