Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

Welcome to the year of the Water Dragon folks. Personally, I am a FIRE TIGER! RAWR!


After looking at my calendar, it looks like it won’t be a good year for me =(. BUT! According to my balance, WATER is my LUCKY element! So I must have a STRONG super raging FIRE element! So water just might be what I need to introduce balance into my life! As for tigers, it looks to be a good year for tigers! How about the rest of you leechers?

Enjoy the batch release today! And here is the Baby Steps everyone has been looking forward to!

So the battle ended a bit unexpectedly, but it’s not the end for our protagonist E-chan! It is however the end of my job as a QCer. Everyone welcome the new QCer, Baby Steps fanatic, and hardcore tennis fan purgatory13z.

Baby Steps Ch 66-67

Sidooh Ch103-105

Kuroko no Basket Ch118

Buster Keel Ch22

Fantasista Ch112

Kimiiro Focus Ch31

Giant Step Ch10

39 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!”

  1. Thanks for the release of ch 31 of Kimiiro Focus.

    On a side note, i wanted to tell that it seems there are pages missing in your volume 5 release of Kimiiro Focus. The pages which are missing are 06, 20, 21 & 50 (based on your numbering system).

    Also i wanted to know if you have any plans to make a release of volume 6 (chapters 21 to 24) of Kimiiro Focus in good quality (i.e., volume scan quality).

    1. wow i must missed that, my apologize, will re-upload as soon as possible
      and volume 6 should out in few weeks also we got raw of volume 7.
      good eyes, thanks

  2. omg omg thank you so much double baby steps sounds good to me :D, I’m chinese so I appreciate the gift XD

  3. happy lunar new year!! thanks for the release, gonna go enjoy it right away and welcome purgatory13z!! since i really enjoy Baby Steps, i coudnt more happier to learn that there is more people working on it. tried the test but didnt know my birth time TT_TT so isnt really accurate…

  4. Thanks for your hard work!
    Mine is Green Dragon, so I like to think I am peaceful, and colorful.

  5. Thanks for kuroko no basket.
    I’m born in the year of the fire rat so my luck will not be very good this year…

  6. Two Baby Steps chapter?! Oh hell yesss!! This morning is starting out terrific. Thank you for Baby Steps, Fantasista and Sidooh!!!

  7. Guys, seriously, i love you. this is the greatest new year present that i ever got from anyone.
    Did i mention that i love you people?

    p.s: I love you ppl ^^

  8. My new year looks really good. Some crazy scanlation team is making a marathon release from one of my favourite mangas:D Thanks dudes!

  9. Two chapters of Baby Steps! WHEEEEE!

    Thanks for all your QC work ilikefood, and a hearty welcome to purgatory13z!

  10. thanks for the new babysteps u did a great job as a QCer, really greatfull for your hard work & welcome purgatory13z. i look forward to seeing your work :) thanks again for all the hard work guys :)

  11. Inu x boku 11 ddl isn’t working.
    It displays a html file containing chapters tags, one inside the other for X levels rather than a download.

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