Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

Welcome to the year of the Water Dragon folks. Personally, I am a FIRE TIGER! RAWR!


After looking at my calendar, it looks like it won’t be a good year for me =(. BUT! According to my balance, WATER is my LUCKY element! So I must have a STRONG super raging FIRE element! So water just might be what I need to introduce balance into my life! As for tigers, it looks to be a good year for tigers! How about the rest of you leechers?

Enjoy the batch release today! And here is the Baby Steps everyone has been looking forward to!

So the battle ended a bit unexpectedly, but it’s not the end for our protagonist E-chan! It is however the end of my job as a QCer. Everyone welcome the new QCer, Baby Steps fanatic, and hardcore tennis fan purgatory13z.

Baby Steps Ch 66-67

Sidooh Ch103-105

Kuroko no Basket Ch118

Buster Keel Ch22

Fantasista Ch112

Kimiiro Focus Ch31

Giant Step Ch10